Tasmanian Government Spatial Committee


What is spatial information?

Almost every decision made and every action taken relates to a location . . .

Spatial information links location to people and events.  It is the information that can graphically illustrate what's happening, where, how and why, and show the impact on people and infrastructure at that location.  Spatial information provides insight into what's happened in the past, what is happening now and what is likely to happen in the future. 

When spatial and administrative datasets are combined and presented as maps, charts or images, they can powerfully depict and predict events and scenarios, providing a critical tool for the rigorous management and delivery of government services and infrastructure.

Spatial information is helping governments worldwide to become more effective and much more efficient.  Investment in spatial information is delivering exceptional returns through informed leadership, reduced costs, enhanced service delivery and improved relationships with people in the community. 

Spatial information is the essential - but often hidden - component of government agencies' core business: